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Remember Reform: Finances And The Street

Remember Reform: Finances And The Street

It seemed a no-brainer that Congress would substantially re-regulate the insurance and investment banking marketplace, but Congressional Republicans had vowed to block all legislative initiatives pushed by the President, and they held firm. Financial reform, like every other piece of legislation in the last two years, had to clear the unprecedented legislative hurdle of finding 60 senators to approve cloture. Just like health care reform, cap and trade, and the stimulus, financial reform would not be allowed to come to an up or down, democratic vote. The most amazing legislative accomplishment of the last two years, built on the backs of working voters assaulted by Wall Street, was the Republicans' success at turning the United States into [Read the rest of this article...]



The current ‘recession’ is the worst economic crisis this country has faced since the Great Depression. To make use of a cliché this crisis has affected everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. Effective, realistic means of dealing with the current crisis have to be used and some lessons from our not so distant past can help us cope with the current crisis. FDR’s New Deal programs offer some insight. Already financial reform on the same scale as that undertaken during the Great Depression has been enacted, now it is time for the recovery to begin through the development of new jobs and the return of a flow of income to the country's coffers. Call it liberal; call it socialist, I don’t really care. I call it wise. [Read the rest of this article...]

Financial Reform: Wall Street Wins Again

Financial Reform: Wall Street Wins Again

It is expected that President Obama will sign into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act this week. In what his administration will surely proclaim as a victory for Main Street, and the right-wing pundits and media will construe as an affront to capitalism in the omnipresent game of disinformation and propaganda; the only victor will be the Corporate system that dictates our Democracy and wreaks havoc on Global Markets for the sake of more and more profit to the detriment of the earth's inhabitants. [Read the rest of this article...]

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