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One Last Look At The Polls

One Last Look At The Polls

As it stands, my projections for tomorrow are mixed. I will go on the record and predict the Democrats will loose 43 seats and the House majority. As for the Senate, I will go with a 5 seat loss, leaving that chamber with 52 Democrats, 46 Republicans, and 2 Independents (Socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut). These predictions project my belief that the overwhelming majority polls are showing Republicans 3-5 ahead of where reality lies. This discrepancy is driven entirely by a reliance on polling that does not capture cell-phone only households. Close to 25% of American households fit that description, and the majority of those (according to other anecdotal data) trend liberal. [Read the rest of this article...]

Will Liberals Come To Their Senses?

Will Liberals Come To Their Senses?

Turnout, turnout, turnout. Every vote in every district will count. It is important to remind ourselves of this, because thousands of conservative blogs are being posted with the same general message. Turnout, turnout, turnout. Every friend, neighbor, or coworker that you convinced to vote in 2008 needs to be challenged this week. Turnout, turnout, turnout. It has been an ugly two years filled with occasional success bad bracketed by bitter failure. The last question remaining for the most prolonged, painful, embarrassing, and expensive midterm cycle in American history is a simple one. Will Liberals come out to vote? Will Liberals come to their senses? [Read the rest of this article...]

Blackjack: 21 Days To Zero

Blackjack: 21 Days To Zero

Republicans haven't satisfied themselves with just turning back progressive legislation, they have redoubled their attacks on the working class. This year, teachers, state troopers, firefighters, police officers, and every single other state or municipal worker represented by a union and making a decent wage have come under attack. In 1984, Ronald Reagan and the Republicans showed that they had the resolve to weather the storm of the '82 midterms, and proceeded to destroy the once central position of manufacturing in our nation. Under their leadership, shipbuilding, steel-making, and most of the appliance industry left the United States. What will Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and committee chairs like [Read the rest of this article...]

The Midterm Elections: Ten Weeks To Zero

The Midterm Elections: Ten Weeks To Zero

The one thing that is certain about the 2010 mid-term elections is that turnout will mean everything. If the standard model applies, then the GOP will approach a retake of the House and cut the Democrats close to 50 seats in the Senate. If the Democrats are somehow able to get Obama voters back to the polls, then progressives will have a chance to see what the party can do with a solid and loyal House majority, and more than 60 in the Senate. Halftime is almost over, and the teams are coming out of the locker rooms. It is ten weeks to go, and we are all tied up. [Read the rest of this article...]

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