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I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

Am Legend by Richard Matheson is in fact a short story. It is amazing that they managed to make a movie of it, much less one that differed so much in content from the original story. In I Am Legend the main character, Robert Neville, is a blond haired man who spends his days killing the victims of a plague that has swept the entire earth, though I applaud the film's use of Will Smith as the main character. At night he hides within his fortified house hearing the screams of the undead to come out to them. If you've seen the movie you should still read the book because there are next to no similarities between the book and the movie. There is a possible explanation provided as to why Neville has proved immune to the the virus that has [Read the rest of this article...]

Animated Balls: Election 2012

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