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The Two Faces Of Republicans On Medicare

The Two Faces Of Republicans On Medicare

In one of the really incredible strokes of political genius, Republicans were able to cast themselves as defenders of Medicare, while castigating government intervention. The piece de resistance of this amazing adventure in political branding, was the moment a senior citizen rose and thundered that "The Government better not lay its hands on my Medicare!" [Read the rest of this article...]

Is Capitalism Approaching the Darkness of Knight?

Is Capitalism Approaching the Darkness of Knight?

Having grown up in Ambler, Pennsylvania -- the 'Asbestos Capital of the World' -- Alex saw first hand the devastation of his home town through the greed of Keasbey and Mattison Corporation who continued to manufacture Asbestos through the 1970s despite the evidence that had existed for years that Asbestos causes Mesothelioma, a serious form of Lung Cancer. Seeing the sickness of his community first hand eventually built the foundation for Alex's future environmental and social activism. While at Lehigh University studying Electrical Engineering, Alex became more intellectually aware of the systemic patterns of exploitation and human/environmental devastation brought on by a long history of a Capitalist system concerned only with profit. [Read the rest of this article...]

Demanding The Terms Of Defeat

Demanding The Terms Of Defeat

Progressives are making a career out of making politics difficult. To be sure, governing in the presence of the Republicans is quite a chore. The GOP's idea of bipartisanship is clear; do it our way or we will gum up the works, hold our breath, and call you names. But liberals and democrats aren't making it easy on themselves. The Democratic Party and the liberal blogosphere has taken to the same strategies with regards to "new stuff' as the ten year-olds of the world; "I absolutely have to have this new great toy or I will just die!" [Read the rest of this article...]

Is it Time for a New Progressive Movement?

Is it Time for a New Progressive Movement?

Perhaps when we stop fighting each other based on silly and ill-defined ideological differences perpetuated and ingrained through the corporate-controlled media and unite on the many issues we have in common, we can establish a system that works for us and through us. Perhaps I am naive, but I still have faith that the people united can always stand up to tyranny -- in whatever form it manifests itself -- and take back our nation and determine a path of liberty and economic, human and environmental sustainability that ours and ours alone; not the corporations path. I shudder to think what the other options are. [Read the rest of this article...]

Do You Know Why You’re A Liberal?

Do You Know Why You’re A Liberal?

The progressive cause will never advance until every member of the cause is able to articulate an affirmative argument for why they stand for the policies that define their ideology. Take the time to read a little on the political and economic atmosphere leading into WWII. Take the time to understand the costs, benefits, and morality behind the upheaval of the 60’s. Take the time to understand the basics of economics, inflation, and interest rates. Take the time to understand the scale of federal and state budgets in the context of your own budget. Turn off the judges and talk shows, and read Dean Baker’s Beat The Press. [Read the rest of this article...]

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