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There’s Little Environmental Impact from the BP Oil Spill?

There’s Little Environmental Impact from the BP Oil Spill?

In somewhat confusing news the US government announced on August 2, 2010 that 172 million gallons of oil from the spill following the Deepwater Horizon accident made it into the Gulf of Mexico. The total size of the spill was 206 million gallons, or 4.9 million barrels, of oil. The difference in the two estimates is because the first figure takes into account only the oil that remained to make it's way into the Gulf's waters after fleets of boats and other measures were employed to recapture the oil. This is according to news from the Associated Press and appearing in the August 2, 2010 LA Times. Then, after blasting us with this shocking news the White House turned around and announced two days later on the 4th of August as reported in [Read the rest of this article...]

Blame Obama

Blame Obama

The American Tea Party is mad as hell, and they aren't going to take it anymore! I get that; rage I understand. What I am left to figure out is what in the hell they are mad about? Were these folks angry in 2005, 2006, 2007, or 2008? Have they just reached their boiling points now? Or is the President doing something to our nation that forms a legitimate gripe? The secret to the answer to that question, in my humble opinion, lies in the timing of the Tea Party outrage. [Read the rest of this article...]

Republican Masochism

Republican Masochism

The modern Republican Party has become a model of self-contradiction. A party loaded to the rafters with self-proclaimed freedom-lovers was forced to justify a systematic destruction of civil liberties; acts perpetrated by a Republican President and Republican Congress under the auspices of the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act. Conservatives had to find methods for dealing with the same Republican power structure as it violated the tenants of fiscal conservatism by doubling the national debt; debt that had been reduced by the fiscal policies of the previous Democratic administration. Finally, Republican stalwarts heard Mr. Bush repeatedly claim to listen to the generals, then watched as he fired one soldier after another who [Read the rest of this article...]

Deconstructing Gary Bauer

Deconstructing Gary Bauer

I am often amused when American exceptionalists like Bauer, people who take great offense when the President indicates that our nation is not perfect, are able to so quickly condemn our nation to mediocrity. I was raised with the belief that the United States can do, well, pretty much anything it has the will to. On the subject of clean energy, it is easy to show that Gary Bauer's only proof for his assertions in this release, is in fact Gary Bauer's imagination. [Read the rest of this article...]

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