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The Decline And Fall Of The NFL

The Decline And Fall Of The NFL

As a writer, it is almost impossible to resist the urge to compare the NFL with the Roman Empire. All of the talk of coliseums and gladiators, legions and conquest tend to leave normally humble scribes in the throws of hyperbole. And so it is that I, a certified football junky, am left to proclaim the coming fall of professional football as we know it. The NFL has fallen victim to that most American of vices, hubris. The owners and marketers that drive the league are convinced of its immortality in the same way that U.S. automakers were in the 70's and 80's, and Major League Baseball owners were in the 50's and 60's. [Read the rest of this article...]

Animated Balls: Election 2012

Episode 1: It's Hard to Choose Just One

Episode 2: Occupy Wall Street

Episode 3: 999! The Cain Train to Prosperity

Episode 4: Small Government

Episode 5: Newt is Forgiven

Episode 6: A Candidate with Big Balls

Episode 7: Why We Must Elect Rick!

Episode 8: Don't Make Me Use the "S" Word!

Episode 9: Santorum & Obamaville

Episode 10: Settle for Mitt!

Episode 12: Austerity and Obama's Debt!

Episode 13: From My Cold, Dead Hands!

Episode 14: Ryan is a Bold Choice for VP!

Episode 15: Mitt Romney's Taxes

Episode 16: Mitt & Me; 2 Peas in a Pod!

Episode 17: Mitt and the 47%

Episode 18: The PA Voter ID Law

Episode 19: The Boss is Running!

Episode 20: Benghazi Has Legs

Episode 21: Grover, the NRA, and the GOP

Animated Balls: A New Frontier!

Piers Morgan & the White House Conspire Against Alex Jones!

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