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Working Christmas

Working Christmas

I have family that expressed outrage over the local convenience store being open on Jesus' birthday, and have heard more and more political figures who concur. On reflection, I suppose this whole line of thinking is an off-shoot of the conservative notion of culture war; liberals and other enemies of God are attacking Christmas as a part of their evil scheme to secularize the world. On this notion, the 20% of Americans who are either politically active conservative Christians or militant atheists fail to account for the fact that the rest of the country wants them both to shut up! [Read the rest of this article...]

Blame Obama!

Blame Obama!

The complaints against the Democrats cannot be supported because there are no policies that Republicans can draw a line to that assigns culpability to liberals. We can see the immense waste of the Iraq War; we can contrast the building of a nearly $1 billion embassy in Baghdad, with the failure to quickly rebuild New Orleans. We can see the steady degradation of our children's education, we are palpably aware of our crumbling infrastructure. We see the failing of America, and we see a party wholly committed to fighting for more tax cuts for millionaires. [Read the rest of this article...]

Extend Unemployment Benefits? Balls Thinks Not

Extend Unemployment Benefits? Balls Thinks Not

The temporary reprieve we have recently enjoyed from the maniacal spending on Capitol Hill came to a predictable and painful end today, when the leftys in charge swore in their newest embezzler! Newbie West Virginia Senator Carte Goodwin, aptly named since Democrats always put the spending cart in front of the fiscal horse, cast the vote to break a heroic Republican filibuster. [Read the rest of this article...]

Balls International Industries: Now Hiring

Balls International Industries: Now Hiring

We are in the midst of some challenging economic times, primarily because a legion of low-income leaches deceived their way into row homes they simply did not deserve to own. That said, Balls International Industries is expanding yet again and we are looking for worthy team members. Be prepared to answer the following questions during our rigorous screening process: [Read the rest of this article...]

Its The Economy Stupid

Its The Economy Stupid

It is precisely those times when the economy is roaring that the U.S. government should seek to cut back on spending. Heavy deficit spending, followed by a sensible and steady increase in the prime interest rate, is the best prescription for getting out of a recession. The continued comparison of household finances to that of the government's is both flawed and dangerous, and has led to the precipitous lack of spending in infrastructure projects, from roads and bridges to education, that is the real threat to the U.S. economy. Governments don't inspire innovation, but the market can't efficiently build the roads or teach the children. [Read the rest of this article...]

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