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Remember Reform: Health Care 101

Remember Reform: Health Care 101

Leading into next weak, the message that fence-sitters need to understand is that real progress was made by the passage of Affordable Care Act. Children with preexisting conditions can purchase insurance, adults will have the privilege beginning next year. Rescission has been banned, so insurers must now honor their plans unless fraud can be proved. The steady increase in the amount of premiums held back as profits, instead of being paid as benefits, has been halted. These benefits must be drilled into the minds of those who plan to vote, and those who don't see the point of voting. Even leaving health care aside, the student loan reform that was included in the final passage has pumped billions out of private banks and into pockets of [Read the rest of this article...]

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part Three

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part Three

The Public Option was the biggest story nobody understood in 2009. When we last checked in on the debate in late October, the scaled back government alternative to private insurance, a tiny initiative that would only have covered 4% of the population, was the central piece in the health care fight. The Public Option was the one factual item in the GOP campaign to derail meaningful health care reform, and it was the political football Harry Reid was left to carry over the goal-line before Christmas. [Read the rest of this article...]

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part One

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part One

If you want a laugh, ask the "pro-business" types who have spent a year or more talking about why health care reform is a bad deal, what happens when a cost center explodes like that in a given business. With all of the current nonsense about a "debt crisis" invading the media (and by extension, the public), I thought it was time to refocus on the real sources of economic doom and gloom in our democracy. Our nation fought a one year battle, culminating in the package of groundbreaking (if not incomplete) legislation remaking the medical marketplace. Now, as the federal government unveils the rules written in enforcement of that law, the nation needs to be reminded why the battle is fought, and what comes next. [Read the rest of this article...]

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