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Blackjack: 21 Days To Zero

Blackjack: 21 Days To Zero

Republicans haven't satisfied themselves with just turning back progressive legislation, they have redoubled their attacks on the working class. This year, teachers, state troopers, firefighters, police officers, and every single other state or municipal worker represented by a union and making a decent wage have come under attack. In 1984, Ronald Reagan and the Republicans showed that they had the resolve to weather the storm of the '82 midterms, and proceeded to destroy the once central position of manufacturing in our nation. Under their leadership, shipbuilding, steel-making, and most of the appliance industry left the United States. What will Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and committee chairs like [Read the rest of this article...]

The Midterms: 5 Weeks To Zero

The Midterms: 5 Weeks To Zero

With five weeks to go in the extraordinary 2010 election, the race for control of the House and Senate is tightening. The dominant theme of Republican tidal wave, an all-encompassing storyline embraced by the major media outlets for a year now, is contingent now on a series of single digit wins. If the conservatives are to control the House and Senate, it will be by a landslide of tiny margins rather than a landslide of votes. In our democracy, that is good enough (although the idea may have to be explained to Republicans bleating on about "taking back their country"). [Read the rest of this article...]

The GOP’s Callous Cowardice

The GOP’s Callous Cowardice

By now most of the politically-inclined citizens of our nation with internet access have seen Rep. Anthony Weiner's tirade on the floor of the House last week. It was an impress display of apoplectic anger and represents the most honest assessment of the House Republican caucus that anyone has given in years. In short, the gentleman from New York's 9th district called House Republicans 'cowards who refuse to vote their conscience.' Anthony Weiner is absolutely correct. [Read the rest of this article...]

American Guns

American Guns

At this time of historic freedom to keep and bear arms, the rights secured and protected are not, apparently, good enough. Armed marches have become, almost, a political fad. If you live in Louisiana, you can thank God, literally, for the right to carry firearms in Church. The aim here is very clear. The gun lobby wants the 2nd Amendment to define the only American right not subject to modification. They have even objected to banning firearms sales to individuals that America's anti-terrorism folks consider a danger to our nation. Over a six year period, 91% of individuals on the terrorist watch list who applied for permits to buy guns were approved. Why not, I guess; guns don't kill people, airplanes flown into buildings kill people. What [Read the rest of this article...]

Did Dubya have it right with immigration?

Did Dubya have it right with immigration?

It's not only the fact that the right has selective memory on this issue and is defending racist and reactionary legislation in Arizona, it's the fact that they refuse to engage in any real discussion of how we can actually address immigration reform in a realistic manner. Businesses are going to continue to hire illegals and illegals are going to continue to come across the border illegally in order to escape poverty and provide for their family. [Read the rest of this article...]

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