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Running Government Like a Business! Part 1

Running Government Like a Business! Part 1

Not one of these jokers has ever met a payroll, measured return on investment, or outsourced operations to a third world hellhole to juice quarterly earnings. Now that this crowd has had their turn at playing house, we need an uncompromising new leader from the business community to take back our country - a CEO with the guts to step up to the plate, get our house in order, and cut spending to the bone! [Read the rest of this article...]

Deficit Turkeys

Deficit Turkeys

The Republicans have successfully defined all of the key terms in American politics; bipartisanship means passing conservative legislation, fiscal responsibility means cutting programs unrelated to the military and cutting taxes on high income businesses and individuals, and patriotism means pretending that we are always correct and will always be strong...just so long as we keep the blanket pulled up over our collective eyes. Eight years of conservative policies ending with a downturn eclipsed only by the Great Depression, and conservatives have successfully convinced many Americans that it is the Democrats who have "had their chance". To make matters worse, the programs, passed by Democrats, that kept our nation from going over the [Read the rest of this article...]

Extend Unemployment Benefits? Balls Thinks Not

Extend Unemployment Benefits? Balls Thinks Not

The temporary reprieve we have recently enjoyed from the maniacal spending on Capitol Hill came to a predictable and painful end today, when the leftys in charge swore in their newest embezzler! Newbie West Virginia Senator Carte Goodwin, aptly named since Democrats always put the spending cart in front of the fiscal horse, cast the vote to break a heroic Republican filibuster. [Read the rest of this article...]

Where Will The Ax Fall The Hardest?

Where Will The Ax Fall The Hardest?

Balls finds it rather amusing that even the most hardcore tax-and-spend lunatics now recognize that we must finally come to our fiscal senses! Even their socialist heros in Europe are taking the ax to spending in the interest of self-preservation. However, the lackeys in Congress also understand all too well that cutting spending will inevitably alienate some group of their constituents. Which groups of constituents are most likely to experience the sharp edge of the ax? [Read the rest of this article...]

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