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Dynamics of Divisiveness: Re-Defining Our Shift to the Right

Dynamics of Divisiveness: Re-Defining Our Shift to the Right

Engaging in baby talk with one another, and ignoring historical realities will not save us from what will be a continued degradation of our security, prosperity, humanity and dignity, promoting catastrophic damage to the earth and its inhabitants all in the name of Corporatism. We are all benign to the fact that our political system has drifted far to what was once considered the right. There is no more left in the traditional sense. There is no more right as we define it. There is a one party system that is gaining more and more control as we continue to divide ourselves. The creatures that inhabit our political system -- the politicians -- are just as blind as the rest of us as they allow themselves to do the bidding of the [Read the rest of this article...]

Is it Time for a New Progressive Movement?

Is it Time for a New Progressive Movement?

Perhaps when we stop fighting each other based on silly and ill-defined ideological differences perpetuated and ingrained through the corporate-controlled media and unite on the many issues we have in common, we can establish a system that works for us and through us. Perhaps I am naive, but I still have faith that the people united can always stand up to tyranny -- in whatever form it manifests itself -- and take back our nation and determine a path of liberty and economic, human and environmental sustainability that ours and ours alone; not the corporations path. I shudder to think what the other options are. [Read the rest of this article...]

Corporatism, Democracy and Morality: My Journey

Corporatism, Democracy and Morality: My Journey

Am I a sell-out and a hypocrite for associating myself with these corporate lobbyists? Absolutely! Yet I had real access to Democracy and I made connections with the true power brokers of Democracy that will inevitably help me, my Publishing Corp. and the writers that are employed through my business be able to continue to write articles that are critical of the very same system of which I was temporarily a part of. [Read the rest of this article...]

Men of Good Fortune…

Men of Good Fortune…

While we indeed have many more options as far as diversity of information and rational ideological discourse is concerned, we are nonetheless still in a mode of reaction at all times. Despite the fact that critique from media outlets once without a voice is readily available, it is drowned out by the vast amount of advertising, infotainment and self-manufactured division by those who are far too busy participating in virtual shouting fests with those who are on the opposite end of the political divide. [Read the rest of this article...]

Farmers: The Modern Serfs of Agribusiness

Farmers: The Modern Serfs of Agribusiness

The domination of global agribusiness continues to spread throughout the world as agriculture is being taken over by American Agricultural Corporations who have the full backing and support of our taxpayer-funded military which continues to train armies in the peripheral world to overthrow any leaders who are not willing to have their natural resources plundered through our system of Corporate Imperialism. [Read the rest of this article...]

Prison Industrial Complex is Slavery for the 21st Century

Prison Industrial Complex is Slavery for the 21st Century

If we continue to allow such a disproportionate number of poor and minority citizens to be locked up, released without rehabilitation, and locked up again, modern slavery will continue to thrive. Corporations will continue to exploit and use men and women who are guilty of non-violent and largely drug-related crimes to further their profits which will further their control and influence over our democracy. The media uses fear, racism and hysteria to make us think that we are overrun with crime and dangerous criminals despite the evidence to the contrary. [Read the rest of this article...]

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