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B.T. Balls

B. Thaddeus Balls is the “token” conservative on this site, the lonely voice of reason amid a vast sea of left-wing lunatics. Young Balls learned self-reliance and a proper work ethic while growing up on the mean streets of the Upper East Side. He has repressed most memories of his time spent as a lad at an upscale all-boys prep school in Connecticut, where he rigorously applied himself in the studies of trickle-down economics, deregulation, and union-suppression. “Old Balls”, as he is now known among friends, is a noted author, speaker, and thespian. He also enjoys imported cigars, fine brandy, the King James Bible, and his collection of 19th century monocles.

As CEO of Balls International Industries, “Old Balls” invites you to submit your resume for any one of the number of career opportunities available in: Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, North Korea and other undisclosed locations with “business friendly” labor laws. Qualified applicants must possess moral flexibility and have a high pain threshold.  The ability to stand upright in a variety of “stressed” positions for longer than 20 hours at a time is a plus. (Don’t contact BT; he’ll send his ‘hired’ help to contact you)

Michael Chase

Mike is a writer and business consultant living in rural Illinois. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1972, Mr. Chase was educated at Bishop Gorman High School and enjoyed a 15 year career in retail management. Mike has a bachelors degree in supply chain management (WIU 2008), an MBA-finance/international business (WIU 2010), and has made a study of the history and practice of sustainable management techniques.

Mike’s passions are coaching football, rooting for the Dodgers, Browns, and Liverpool FC, and cooking. Mike’s addictions are politics and economics. Married for ten years (Christine), Mike has two grown step-sons and four adorable nieces. Mike writes The Rational Middle and can be contacted at: mschase@curlpublishing.com

Todd Curl

Todd Curl is a writer and journalist with ambitions of documentary film-making and the global hegemony of information and thought through his Corporation: Curl Publishing Inc. Born in the sprawling metropolis of DeKalb, Illinois, Todd ended up spending his childhood on the mean and hard streets of Laramie, Wyoming where gun safety and proper chewin’ tobacco dispersal were 6th grade requirements.

Through his travels and various stints at an array of Institutions of Higher Learning, Todd has acquired a distinct distaste for academia and the propagation of stupidity that is running amuck through the papers, television networks and websites in their quest to divide and continue to divide us (the conquering part has already occurred). Direct your hate mail to: todd@curlpublishing.com

John Franklin

John Franklin is a musician and private businessperson who enjoys life.  JF’s background includes touring and recording throughout the US and Canada as a drummer — he has since added piano. His business experience extends from operating TV and radio stations, real estate properties, retail ownership, business consulting, and food specialties. John also paid Temple and Johns Hopkins enough money that they gave him degrees in Communications (BA) and Marketing (MS).

Living at the beach while playing tennis, kayaking, biking, and swimming, JF is looking for the “human factor” in stories because normal everyday life seems to squeeze and ultimately eradicate it from the workplace, where the majority of people live.  In his case, his life was saved by rock ’n’ roll (despite all the amputation, you know you could just go out and dance to the rock ‘n’ roll station — and it was all right..) jfranklin@curlpublishing.com

Dr. Stephen Menke

Stephen Menke, PhD: Associate Professor of Enology; Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University. Dr. Menke received his Doctorate in Bio-Chemistry from the University of Wyoming in 1992 and ultimately worked as an  Enology Research Specialist for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he supported and consulted with wine-makers and viticulturalists as well as teaching Wine and Food Paring at UIUC.

Dr. Menke then brought his expertise to Penn State University where he was an Extension Enologist helping to promote and foster the burgeoning Pennsylvania Wine Industry and has consulted for dozens of wineries and wine-makers in the U.S. and throughout the world, including: Serbia, China, Honduras and Canada. Dr. Menke believes that Wine and Viticulture is at the forefront of an Agricultural revival in the United States and looks forward to sharing his knowledge of wine, wine-making and proper wine/food paring on the Pigeon.

Tracy Riva

Tracy Riva is a writer and book reviewer with decades of writing experience. She has published and won awards for her poetry and short stories.

Tracy is a North Carolina Regional Representative of the professional organization the International Women’s Writing Guild. She has been a member in good standing of the Guild since 2004.

Tracy began doing book reviews in 2003 and you can find some of those reviews on Tracy Riva’s Blog. You can reach Tracy at: tracy.riva@curlpublishing.com

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