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The Conservative Mainstream Media

The Conservative Mainstream Media

The results of this decades long effort are plain to see; the major media outlets now bend over backward to find and show "both sides" of every story. The problem is that stories don't have sides, they have a set of facts and a context. Journalists are tasked with reporting the facts, and the context, and are protected in this venture by the First Amendment. In the last two years, major media outlets have worked overtime presenting the "conservative point of view" on the birther movement, death panels, health care polling, the response to the Big Spill, and the estate tax. In every case, they regularly omitted or failed to report critical facts in their rush to display two sides to the story. [Read the rest of this article...]

Are We Winning The Real War On Terror?

Are We Winning The Real War On Terror?

This is our betrayal, if the citizens of the United States would only stand in defense of the rights of the many, those few in Manhattan whose rights stand threatened would certainly prevail. In the case of the so-called ground zero mosque, the fears and prejudices of 9/11 have been revisited against our nation, by our nation. This is the ultimate self-inflicted wound, and it is far from the first instance of such a wound in the 9 years since the attack. The physical facts of this case are issues beyond the point. It matters not that this proposed facility lies blocks from the site of ground zero. It matters not that the site will be obscured from all but the highest floors of the buildings that will take the place of the World Trade [Read the rest of this article...]

Health Care Reform: The Future Is Now

Health Care Reform: The Future Is Now

The final passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 was the ultimate anti-climax. The cornerstone of the law, its exchanges, will not go live until 2014. In addition, many of the elements of legislation promised for this year, are subject to the rules written by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The insurance industry will likely press those rules to test for weakness, and Republicans are trying to mount a campaign for repeal. No friends, passage was just the beginning of the process. [Read the rest of this article...]

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part Three

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part Three

The Public Option was the biggest story nobody understood in 2009. When we last checked in on the debate in late October, the scaled back government alternative to private insurance, a tiny initiative that would only have covered 4% of the population, was the central piece in the health care fight. The Public Option was the one factual item in the GOP campaign to derail meaningful health care reform, and it was the political football Harry Reid was left to carry over the goal-line before Christmas. [Read the rest of this article...]

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part Two

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part Two

While the politics of health care reform had been brewing for decades, the new incarnation of the beast came in early March 2009. At the President's summit on health care, the stakeholders and power brokers came together in a series of meetings designed to bring about bipartisan legislation. The ensuing 13 months were filled with a number of good ideas, all unfortunately drowned out by an avalanche of political shenanigans and outright lies. This article will highlight (or lowlight) that process. [Read the rest of this article...]

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part One

Health Care Reform: A Refresher, Part One

If you want a laugh, ask the "pro-business" types who have spent a year or more talking about why health care reform is a bad deal, what happens when a cost center explodes like that in a given business. With all of the current nonsense about a "debt crisis" invading the media (and by extension, the public), I thought it was time to refocus on the real sources of economic doom and gloom in our democracy. Our nation fought a one year battle, culminating in the package of groundbreaking (if not incomplete) legislation remaking the medical marketplace. Now, as the federal government unveils the rules written in enforcement of that law, the nation needs to be reminded why the battle is fought, and what comes next. [Read the rest of this article...]

Its The Economy Stupid

Its The Economy Stupid

It is precisely those times when the economy is roaring that the U.S. government should seek to cut back on spending. Heavy deficit spending, followed by a sensible and steady increase in the prime interest rate, is the best prescription for getting out of a recession. The continued comparison of household finances to that of the government's is both flawed and dangerous, and has led to the precipitous lack of spending in infrastructure projects, from roads and bridges to education, that is the real threat to the U.S. economy. Governments don't inspire innovation, but the market can't efficiently build the roads or teach the children. [Read the rest of this article...]

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