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The View Before The Fall

The View Before The Fall

As he surveyed the crowd beneath and the Sun abreast, he smiled in the satisfaction of knowing to which she referred. He was, in his mind, now and always, cold and detached. Hadn't this always been his hallmark? Wasn't this the capacity in himself that he truly valued? If his beloved could not appreciate his strengths, could not accept the benefits to the family that they had provided, then what else could he do. He smiled as he acknowledged how little he felt. He felt the rush of expectation from the mob beneath him. [Read the rest of this article...]

Its The Economy Stupid

Its The Economy Stupid

It is precisely those times when the economy is roaring that the U.S. government should seek to cut back on spending. Heavy deficit spending, followed by a sensible and steady increase in the prime interest rate, is the best prescription for getting out of a recession. The continued comparison of household finances to that of the government's is both flawed and dangerous, and has led to the precipitous lack of spending in infrastructure projects, from roads and bridges to education, that is the real threat to the U.S. economy. Governments don't inspire innovation, but the market can't efficiently build the roads or teach the children. [Read the rest of this article...]

Do You Know Why You’re A Liberal?

Do You Know Why You’re A Liberal?

The progressive cause will never advance until every member of the cause is able to articulate an affirmative argument for why they stand for the policies that define their ideology. Take the time to read a little on the political and economic atmosphere leading into WWII. Take the time to understand the costs, benefits, and morality behind the upheaval of the 60’s. Take the time to understand the basics of economics, inflation, and interest rates. Take the time to understand the scale of federal and state budgets in the context of your own budget. Turn off the judges and talk shows, and read Dean Baker’s Beat The Press. [Read the rest of this article...]

Returning Fire; Responding To The Wall Street Journal

Returning Fire; Responding To The Wall Street Journal

This disaster will see its conclusion, not because of the capabilities of industry, but because of the power, will, and intellect of a nation pulling together. The harness of that power is something we citizens like to call the government. That government’s leader, elected (whether Ms. Rabinowitz likes it or not) with a mandate by the people of the United States, is President Obama. When industry can’t handle the problem, the government of we the people can. Mr. Obama is a very capable leader and this will get fixed; but like Churchill before him, when the Nazis have already taken the Low Countries, it will take some time to clean up the mess. [Read the rest of this article...]

Government Of The People

Government Of The People

The Constitution is not broken, and has not been ignored or trampled. The document that our Founders used as a tool to establish our nation is a rugged thing of beauty that has grown better over time. The intent we should return to is the idea of active, participatory democracy. [Read the rest of this article...]

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