It’s Obama’s Fault, Again

It has long been a province of liberal thinking to ruminate on the contradictions presented by bloodthirsty Christians. That the latter-day disciples of the Prince of Peace should be warlike is a conundrum that serves to drive more than a few away from the faith. But the single-minded, simple, and almost ruthless nature of the conservative embrace of principles is changing as we speak; when the cocoon opens, what once served as fodder for a well-educated nation’s amusement is now a strength. Conservatives have weeded the less faithful from the ranks, and steadily driven this nation of liberals to the right.

The news of the week suggests that liberals now want to drink from the same vat of Kool-Aid. A slew of interest groups have spent 2010 lining up for the chance to punch the President; pass my greatest legislative fantasy, or I will declare you a failure, or a coward, or a charlatan, and send you back to the wilderness. Please note also that every liberal dream is always the most important liberal dream. Environmental liberals, LGBT activists, anti-poverty advocates, the Darfur crowd, union protectionists…no more are they forced to argue over who has a seat at the head of the table. If the President is unable to make all of their wishes come true (within one 22 month period), then the lobbies vast will tear out his throat and leave him to rot.

To wit; Obama’s failures.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was President Clinton’s shining failure of political compromise; an abject failure to live up to explicit promises he made to the LGBT community. The election of Barack Obama, a man who specifically and memorably brought gay rights to the table during his speech in 2004, offered the first real political chance to get a permanent fix for this civil rights issue. Similarly, President Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961, along with his appointment of Robert Kennedy to Attorney General, gave the civil rights movement its first chance at real results. That process bore no fruit until 1964. More than 40 years later, President Obama took the helm of a nation where civil union laws were and are regularly defeated by referendum. He chose a slow and steady plan to bring about lasting change on the issue. He has, for his troubles, been consistently and vehemently assaulted by the left for not getting the job done. He is also poised to finish the job in half the time that Kennedy and his successors took. But Obama is a failure.

The cost of health care in this nation is THE driving factor for state and federal deficits…period. Alone among the advanced nations of our planet, 20% or more of our citizens lack any kind of medical coverage (and the number has climbed during this recession). Health care reform was the hot button issue of the 2008 campaign prior to the financial collapse, and remained at the top all the way to election day. Despite a minority party committed to not passing any legislation, and a collection of “DINOs” in both the House and (more critically) the Senate, this President gambled both his legacy and his domestic agenda and got the job done. The Affordable Care Act will help on cost and bring insurance levels back above 95% by 2014. But Obama is a failure.

Two decades ago, thousands of businesses in Sarah Palin’s Alaska went belly up after Joe Hazelwood bellied up to a fifth of whiskey and drove a little boat called the Exxon Valdes into a shoal. The company paid for the clean-up (eventually) and paid some damages (eventually). Last summer, when our (we are told) center-right nation went ape-shit and demanded to know why the government had not prevented three very much private firms from screwing up the Gulf, and when something was going to be done about the disaster, President Obama acted. He made an OK speech that was boring in its coverage of the details; all $20 billion worth of details. We Americans, liberals and conservatives, love to joke and complain about how politicians roll over for big corporations. President Obama walked the BP brass into the office and told them the deal; when the meeting was over, BP had agreed to set aside a number roughly equal to its entire profit from 2008 specifically to pay damages done to the people of the Gulf Coast. As far as I can tell, we Americans spent the summer complaining about the first politician in recent memory who told big money to shut up and pay the little guy. But Obama is a failure.

After the Bush Administration sold us the bailout, and after Obama was blamed for it, our President redirected funds into a mortgage relief plan for working class homeowners (with admittedly little success) and a bailout for automakers (with decidedly more success…at least to the millions of autoworkers who are still putting food on the table). This President’s first major move was to risk his agenda on the restructuring of an unpopular bank plan, and the stimulating of our savaged economy. Eight years of supply side economics does a lot of damage friends. The stimulus plan kept an additional 2.5-3.0 million Americans working…if you don’t like 9.8% unemployment, imagine 12.0% unemployment. But Obama is a failure.

Despite all of the GOP stalling and all of the labels (socialist, marxist, nazi, etc.), our President led many less than courageous colleagues into an election year fight to restrain the financial industry. He led them in an election year fight to impose a federal financial structure on the industry not dedicated to promoting business, but rather dedicated to protecting consumers. Financial Reform was like much of the other legislative successes of President Obama’s first 22 months; it wasn’t as far reaching as we hoped, it cost massive collateral damage politically, and it allowed for more abuse to be hurled at the President specifically and liberals in general. But it was a liberal legislative success. But Obama is a failure.

I have documented problems with this President’s strategy, complaints about some of his appointments, and frustrations with regard to his temperament. He is not perfect. But he is exactly who he said he would be as President. He told us that he would always seek engagement with conservatives; that stance was never qualified by a “what if they are mean?” clause. He promised us he would stay calm and keep emotion as far away from big decisions as he could. He has consistently advocated that perfect not be the enemy of the good. His recent deal with the GOP is a perfect example of what, in my opinion, is real considered leadership.

For an entire year, Republicans have used unemployment benefit extensions as a lever in every kind of policy debate imaginable. Democrats doing their best to provide for millions of Americans whose jobs have yet to return, have been forced into a plethora of concessions in order to add extensions for a few weeks at a time. Also, this president has sought to extend a brand of tax cuts all his own; the working class cuts contained in the stimulus (do you even remember them?). By conceding on the extension of the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, he took away the GOP’s tool for 13 months and, as a consequence, helped millions of American families feed their kids for another year. By conceding on the Bush tax cuts, which helped no working class families, he gained a 2% reduction in the FICA tax that all working class families pay on all their income (because working class families rarely make more than $100,000.)

We are told now, via the outrage of “progressive heroes”, that President Obama has once again failed to show strength in his dealings with the Republicans. He “caved” on the tax cuts that only help the rich. He isn’t as tough as Hillary or Nancy……

Barack Obama, the man derided as a “celebrity”, the man cursed with the illusion of style over substance, the man burdened by an ability to speak in an age that values ignorance, chose to work for the people rather than burnish his political street cred. President Obama got a job done that needed doing, and one that Congressional Democrats weren’t going to get done on their own. All of this garbage coming from the general direction of the left smells suspiciously like wounded pride and decaying ambition. I am, quite frankly, tired of the bullshit. Are Congressional Democrats now saying that they would pass on the benefits of this deal just to spite the rich? Are they now saying that they would pass on the opportunity to ensure a year’s worth of limited income security for their constituents just to win a worthless ideological point with the GOP? We are dealing with a body bereft of perspective and awash in vanity.

But Obama is the failure.

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