Will Liberals Come To Their Senses?

The constant refrain of the conservative mainstream media, since early 2009, has been the election disaster awaiting Democrats in the midterm generals. By and large, congressional Democrats have legislated with that media theme firmly in mind. They have ignored the cross-tabs in polls that continue to show real, broad-based support for the policy themes within major legislation. They have continued to cow to the conservative bullying that has defined the last 2 years in America. They have continued to prove, every day and with all of their actions, that the one unifying characteristic of elected Democrats is their cowardice.

The people of the United States elected enough Democrats in 2006 and 2008 to overwhelm the party’s congenital weakness. With 58 Democrats and 2 Independents caucusing together in the Senate, it was nearly impossible to not pass the groundbreaking health care legislation signed into law in March; but the Democrats sure gave it their all to screw the pooch anyway. A similar story played out in the areas of environment, finance, and unemployment. Through all of the battles, the will of the majority (a majority for whom health reform and jobs were and remain the priority) was just barely pushed into law. These Democrats in the House and Senate are, largely, a sorry bunch of glad-handling cowards…but they are our glad-handling cowards. They accomplished, almost in spite of themselves, a real record of progressive achievement across every aspect of the progressive agenda.

Now on the eve of the elections, liberal voters from across the spectrum are threatening to stay home next Tuesday. Major progressive interest groups from the environmental lobby to gay rights activists have been open and aggressively critical of this administration and Congress. Robert Gibbs may have erred in chastising the “professional left”, but the fact of the matter is that independent voters take their cues from those who are seen as experts on a given issue. A politically ambivalent voter who has concern about climate change might be predisposed to come out and vote progressive…unless environmental lobbies are in overdrive condemning the legislative inaction of this congress. The less motivated voters who have a passion for social justice probably came out for President Obama and the Democrats in 2008; swamped by the virulent criticisms aimed at Democrats by the LGBT lobby, those same voters will not likely change their schedule to vote for the lesser of two evils.

In Aaron Sorkin’s liberal masterpiece, The American President, the environmental lobbyists are less than impressed when the White House Chief of Staff informs them that the lobby has “known no greater friend in the White House”. “Not an impressive distinction” was, I think, the retort. I think it fair commentary to say that about the current American President and his Congress. As I stated in the open; these folks are depressingly weak. The critical question for all liberals this week, is how much damage will be done if we all don’t get to the polls and vote for the weaklings?

It is a distinguishing feature and point of pride for liberals that they will stick to their principles and report, complain, or write about the shortcomings they see in their elected representatives. Conservatives have made an art out of going down with the ship, and it is that discipline that liberals must acknowledge when writing, talking, or voting this week. These aren’t your parent’s Republicans my friends; the collection of crackpots on the docket this week is loaded with people who have never read the Constitution. It is loaded with folks who are now ready to condemn Thomas Jefferson because, when they do read his stuff, he sounds too much like a liberal. Despite all of their faults and failures, every single progressive agenda item has moved forward. How far backward will they move under the stewardship of Speaker John Boehner?

This election is boiling down to turnout folks. The math is simple; get the young voters, minorities, and ladies out to the polls and the Democrats will keep the House and hold onto 55 or more Senate seats. Those demographics are filled with people who are excluded (by process fault rather than prejudice) from most of the commonly seen and referenced polls. The swing on the last poll from Rasmussen or Fox News can be between 3-7 points, and the effect on dozens of House races without real non-partisan polling data will be significant. The gang at Cook Political Report is good, but much of the seats they are counting in the Republican camp are done so on the basis of extrapolations from national House ballot measures.

Turnout, turnout, turnout. Every vote in every district will count. It is important to remind ourselves of this, because thousands of conservative blogs are being posted with the same general message. Turnout, turnout, turnout. Every friend, neighbor, or coworker that you convinced to vote in 2008 needs to be challenged this week. Turnout, turnout, turnout. It has been an ugly two years filled with occasional success bracketed by bitter failure. The last question remaining for the most prolonged, painful, embarrassing, and expensive midterm cycle in American history is a simple one. Will Liberals come out to vote? Will Liberals come to their senses?

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