We’re All Gonna Die

We’re all gonna die. No big news there. It is a simple fact of life that death is soon to follow. Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it (Cole Porter – 1928), but to stick it in our face, please don’t do it.

Stephen Hawking is doing it, again. The theoretical physicist says we must find more planets to live on because we can not depend on our earth. Our population is over-running the planet and using resources faster than we can replenish them at the present rate with current technologies.  Additionally, the threat of nuclear Armageddon is a constant.  He says that there are 7,770 nucclear weapons spread across our planet, which can go off at any time. On a long term basis, the Sun will consume our ultimately planet, which is why we gotta get going. Just though you’d enjoy a meag-downer to open up with.

More good news. Chernobyl. Sticking with our death dance through nuclear energy, the 1986 Chernobyl accident is back to haunt us, this time through the six wildfires that are raging through Russia. The fires and the attempts to fight them kick up the nuclear dust particles and whoosh, puts them back into the air, spreading across the country once again as a silent killer. Pregnant women and children seem to be most at risk, although some scientists dispute this theory. This people claim that “natural background radiation” is a bigger, constant threat. Good, feeling better already.

Wanting to feel really good, this story comes from the land of milk and cheese. A teacher’s union in Milwaukee, WI. wants Viagara subsidized because some teachers may be “discriminated against” by not having the drug covered under their health insurance. This goes back as far as 2008 when the union filed with the state’s Equal Rights Division. The Milwaukee school system is already in the red by $30 million, so the idea of spending $25-$30 a pop for pecker-aide is doubtful. Nevertheless, even if the guys in Milwaukee can’t get it up, you must give them credit for having the balls to ask for it.

More death. Television is in a very unique life/death tug-of-war. On programming side, the channel universe keeps expanding with redundant programming, rerunning reruns, and programming time-fillers that should never hit the air. On the the audience side, it keeps getting older and older. Back in the day, the running joke for demographics was Adult 18-49, Adults 25-54, and 55 to death. Not funny anymore. The average Fox “neuz” viewer is 65. On the low end of the Network scale, the Fox average viewer is 44; that’s up from 35 just 10 years ago. So it’s pretty clear that the medium is, at least the business model for the medium, will soon be DOA.

For you, the home viewer, this is not in your best interest. The movie industry has been involved in the changing dynamics of the revnue stream for quite some time through tapes, DVD’s, On-Demand, and now mobile. But sports has yet to really hit their stride. Both the NFL and Major League Baseball have premium services to watch games, but “free”, advertiser-supported games are still predominant. Lose the primary delivery vehicle, over-the-air TV, and to watch, you must pay. That may be of interest to diehard fans, but is it really worth the price to be a weekend couch potato at a premium price tag? As in everything else, the market will make that determination.

Yet another Facebook/sex/friend/murder story. This time in York, Nebraska, Roy Williams, a different Roy Williams from the NC basketball coach, set up a Facebook account under the name, “John Smith”. He wanted to lure is former girlfriend into a Lincoln, NE. apartment. He had warned her previously that he would kill her. And he succeeded. He shot her three times when she came to the apartment looking for Mr. Smith. It must have been golden.

So there you have it. Multiple examples of death and destruction, planet wide. The Earth itself. Remnants of former nuclear disasters reigniting as the planet burns itself to dust. Milwaukee teachers literally wanting to screw the system so that they can, in deed, get screwed on the systems dime. The end of television as we know it and the sports revenue that will need to be created to bring games to you, either in your home on on the go. And more technology murders, as Facebook is used to cast an unsuspecting net, catching the prey, and extinguishing that fire.

Now wasn’t that enlightening?

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