Birther Movements

The “birther movement” has a new poster child: Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin. The highly-decorated flight surgeon said, on Youtube, that he had no choice but the “distasteful one of inviting his own court-martial.” No choice? The Lt. Col. sezs that all orders coming from the Commander-and-Chief, our President of the United States, are illegal because he’s has not proven that he is, in fact, a citizen of these here said states. Lakin is a leader of 27% of all Americans who believe that President Obama is serving illegally.

This is disturbing. As a firm believer in the Paretto Principal, this 27% figure is a tad high. The Paretto Principal pretty much guarantees that 20% of the population would buy that idea, so this 27% is an unusually high percentage of the population. So before we delve into other great hoaxes of the 20th Century, let’s start with one of the great axioms of business: Never let the facts get in the way of a good argument.

Let’s assume (yeah yeah yeah, I know, assume makes an ass out of u and me, got it) that if indeed, our POTUS was not an actual citizen of this country, do you think the pee brains at Fox Nuez would have been on this story by now? Do ya? Do you think that our beloved former VP Dick Cheney (reminds me of the old Dick Nixon joke: Dick Nixon before he dicks you) would have gleefully have brought this to our immediate attention? Do ya? Do you think that the GOP, losers of the last Presidential election, home of Dick Cheney et al., would have attacked this by now, coming on to two years into the Obama Administration? Well, do ya?

Still, in excess of 1-in-4 people of our population choose to ignore this inconvenient truth while being certain that our president is serving illegally under our Constitution. Lt. Col. Lakin, a highly educated medical doctor nonetheless, also believes this. So he refuses to take any orders (something they do not take kindly in military circles) to go to Afghanistan because the orders are illegal. In legal circles, his “goose is cooked”. Multiple birth announcements from Hawaiian newspapers in 1961 and the Republican Governor of our 50th state says that Obama was born – in Hawaii – an actual state. He’s over 35 years of age so he’s in. Period.

It reminds of all of the conspiracy theories throughout the years, like our Government actually drove those airliners into the World Trade Centers 0n 9/11 for some reason or other. Or that Elvis is still alive. He’s been seen many, many times, but it’s always at a Walmart. Having a pleasant dinner one night with friends, one of our guests blurted out this shocking truth that Elvis lived! After the laughter trailed off, she reiterated this strongly held belief that Elvis was just tired of the press, the crowds, the whatever, and went into hiding. Ok.

John Kennedy never died – it was a government conspiracy. Just ask Oliver Stone (also ask him about Jews and Nazis, too) and he’ll tell you. Jim Morrison of The Doors never died in Paris. This was not a government conspiracy, but a conspiracy nonetheless. Why Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass Elliott, or Janis Joplin didn’t not rate conspiracy theories is a mystery, or maybe it was their real time love affairs with drugs, ham sandwiches, and alcohol that enlightened the conspiracy theorists into believers.

Yet it remains, that no matter what, no matter the facts, no matter the authority of those who verify these facts, that 27% deny, refuse to acknowledge, refute that Obama is in the Oval Office. I know for a fact, that some of these people used to work for me. We no longer associate with each other.

Elsewhere in buffoon world, Lee Willie Dejesus, 23, Homestead, FL. has been charged with multiple abuse violations. Lee Willie nearly killed his two year son. He battered him over a 15 minute span in the head, the torso, the face, and shoulders. It was not because wee Willy Brown had done bad things, no, not that. It was that Daddy Willie was “teaching” wee Willie how to box. To box. Teaching a two year old to box.

Daddy Willie initially said the “babysitter” did it. He didn’t call for help until the baby’s lips turned blue. The baby went emergency surgery for bleeding in the brain (I just had a friend die from that two weeks ago). I think it would be justified if some big Bubba taught Daddy Willie how to kick box in the pen. For 15 minutes. On the head, the torso, the face, and shoulders. Bubba could always blame it on the “babysitter”.

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