We Shall Overcome!

There’s been a clear inverse correlation throughout history between the frequency of hate crimes and the state of the economy, both in the U.S. and around the world. As workers are downsized and realize that meaningful employment options are extremely limited, they often look for external forces to hold accountable. Frustration leads to blame, blame leads to suspicion, suspicion leads to hatred, and hatred inevitably leads to violence. Unfortunately, innocent parties often end up being the targets of hate crimes during economic downturns. With domestic unemployment hovering near the ten percent mark and little indication of recovery in sight, It is critically important that we immediately take bold steps to protect the innocent. The innocent victims to which I am referring, of course, are our nation’s great corporations!

Balls says, "Let my people go!"

My friends, the airwaves have been polluted with hate-filled speech targeting our best and our brightest. Goldman Sachs was vilified for being simply marvelous, AIG was reviled for utilizing a simple bridge loan, and BP is being condemned for a minor technical snafu! How quickly the the great unwashed forget who butters their bread! These great institutions have lovingly and selflessly provided high-paying jobs for years, and now a slight downturn in the economy has spurred an onslaught of vicious verbal lynchings and defamation!

Let us remember that corporations are legal entities, and thus deserve certain fundamental inalienable rights. We need to be absolutely certain that these rights are not violated no matter how shrill and deceiving the accusations leveled! Balls is proposing, out of deep concern for the most vulnerable among us, that we delineate a corporate bill of rights to guarantee the thwarting of hate crimes in these challenging economic times. If justice is to be fully served, this groundbreaking legislation will take the form of a constitutional amendment. We must enumerate into law the rights so essential for the protection of our national treasures! Let’s be certain to fully complete the task, and not fall short of our higher calling.  Compromise is not acceptable when tackling matters of such gravity!

Great strides have been made in granting rights to various groups of individuals within a relatively recent time frame. The end of slavery, the granting of suffrage rights, and the end of segregation have all occurred within the last 150 years. Surely we should break the chains currently shackling our beloved companies, and bestow upon them similar well-deserved freedoms! They have earned the right to exert unlimited influence in elections, to be immune from lawsuits, to be treated as non-taxable entities, to band together with other firms to more accurately price products, to be free from onerous and punitive environmental regulations, to be free to hire and fire whomever they wish, to be free from the rule of pay czars and other public sector dictators, and to have the hate speech stopped once and for all!  No more back-of-the-bus treatment for our CEOs and Corporate Officers! WE SHALL OVERCOME! -Balls

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