Demanding The Terms Of Defeat

Progressives are making a career out of making politics difficult. To be sure, governing in the presence of the Republicans is quite a chore. The GOP’s idea of bipartisanship is clear; do it our way or we will gum up the works, hold our breath, and call you names. But liberals and Democrats aren’t making it easy on themselves. The Democratic Party and the liberal blogosphere have taken to the same strategies with regards to “new stuff’ as the ten year-olds of the world; “I absolutely have to have this new great toy or I will just die!”

For a year and a half, Democrats have taken on some of the most important problems in our nation’s recent history. In every one of the following cases, they have found one legislative plan that would work, and then built that one possible solution into the only possible solution. Witness the following items:

  1. Health Care Reform– The progressive cause du jour was the public option. Democrats made decisions early on to double down on legislation which contained cost controls, national exchanges, grants for process change, and the public option. This template can definitely succeed, but it is not the only one. The Medicare buy-in option, which almost made the bill at the eleventh hour, was far simpler, faster to implement, and would have avoided the idiocy of the death panels (along with significant cost). It didn’t matter, once progressive voices decided the public option was it, it became politically impossible for Congressional Democrats to consider alternate methods.
  2. Cap and Trade– This is a wonderful method for converting our industrial and energy production base into a clean model. It uses market forces as the engine of change, and spreads the financial burden throughout the economy. Its fantastic…but it isn’t the only way to accomplish the goals. Dozens of other ideas for finding our way to the same conclusion as a nation have already been imagined. Cap and Trade was the flavor of the month, the House pushed it through, and the Senate got stuck looking at it for a year before Harry Reid put the animal down.
  3. Finance Reform– The most recently passed piece of legislation is also the piece with the most self-selected dead-end roads. We just had to have a consumer finance protection board. To be certain, this entity can do the job…but it is another narrowly constructed bureaucratic creation and, as such, is prone to failure. Congressional Democrats swept right by a set of easily contrived and simply enforced rules that would fix the problems. They did so, because the rules would have to be criminally enforced to be effective. We do so like to treat our “white collar” criminals with kid gloves in this country.

Fresh from their triumph on finance reform, and smarting from the spanking liberal bloggers have administered for the legislation not being “tough enough”, Democrats in Congress now must face the prospect of finding someone to lead this new knight in shining armor. This prospect has given progressives another golden opportunity to limit their options. This time, the progressive world has anointed Elizabeth Warren as THE only person who could lead this organization.

At a time where the opposition party has successfully used Senate rules to abolish the majority rule democracy, the Democrats should be seeking flexibility. But no, that would be the simple path, and liberals like self-inflicted pain. Ms. Warren is a wonderful person, a brilliant scholar, and a fierce advocate for the American consumer. While she doesn’t appear to have significant administrative experience, that wouldn’t be a fatal point against her nomination. But in a nation of 300 million, there are other well qualified candidates. There are probably several other candidates with qualifications equal to or, perhaps, exceeding Ms. Warren.

Sadly, Democrats appear to be as sluggish and narrow-minded as ever. As a whole, they appear completely unable to consider contingencies. As a result, it is increasingly easy for the Republicans, a party for which “tax-cuts” appears to be noun, verb, and word of God, to pigeon-hole the Democrats and their legislation. Stationary targets are, as a rule, easier to center. But the die appears cast; progressives have made the decision that Mr. Obama must choose Warren, or be labeled either weak or a Wall Street stooge. The terms of defeat have been demanded, and they shall be met. What a shame.

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