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Harry Reid has decided to go for a field goal on environmental legislation. The progressive community’s head explosion can now commence. We should have seen this coming; the political environment is toxic, and the Republican Party has effectively assured Democrats that bill passage on any issue means the use of political capital and loads of time. There is simply no time left to push major climate legislation through the frozen molasses of the U.S. Senate. What political capital left is allocated towards getting reelected.

Cue the whimpering liberals. This is the moment (again), where liberals play the same “Blame Obama” card that conservatives overuse. If only the President had led the fight, if only he had linked the Oil Spill to cap and trade…if only. If only he had used a massive market failure in precisely the manner that his opponents forecast he would, to push through gigantic legislation that barely scratches the surface of our environmental issues. It seems to me that we have been down that road before…three times before, as a matter of fact.

The President used (perhaps) 10 points of his approval ratings to help Congress (and the waffling and pathetic conservative democrats of the senate in particular), to pass a $787 billion package of spending, unemployment benefits, and tax cuts. This bailout of Main Street was similar in size to the Wall Street bailout, but far smaller than the $2 trillion in targeted spending needed to finish the job. Mr. Obama then pushed the pragmatic Majority Leader (Reid), and the combative Speaker (Pelosi) to put Health Care Reform front and center. That battle, in case you forgot, took a full year to produce legislation that might do the job long term. Ditto for financial reform…which should have been more popular than either of the first two pieces of legislation, but with an effect blunted by the Big Spill.

None of the courageous (on paper) throng now furiously pounding their keyboards has stepped up to demand the action on environment we really need. Few even in the House, a place where courage lives undimmed by filibuster, have stood to call for the truth. It is easy, I suppose, for bloggers and columnists, politicians and policy-wonks, to talk about the threat of global warming or the rise of petro-dictatorships. No one, it seems, wants to be the one who breaks the real news to the American people. No one except the Republicans that is…but they’re doing it to turn people away from the plans.

Cap and trade, and every other effective piece of energy legislation for that matter, is a tax. T-A-X. It is important to get that straight. It is vital to be clear about that fact. It is critical that the liberal net-roots stop tip-toeing around the notion. This nation needs to become the world leaders in the design, manufacture, and use of clean energy and clean industrial process. The United States needs to do this, because there are no other industries left for us to lead. America needs to do this so that the country we pass on to our grandchildren is strong, self-sufficient, and relevant. Republicans are telling the truth on cap and trade because they know we Americans have become terrified of T-A-X. They spend their time screaming about “our grandchildren” because they know that we, as a society, are focused more on the paperwork we leave our children, and less on the legacy we leave our children.

Thank God our grandparents didn’t think that way in 1941…World War II was, after-all, very expensive. Our parents were left to pay the debts run up by our nation’s greatest generation…and I don’t remember many of them complaining about the bill. Cap and trade is a tax on energy, specifically fossil-fuel energy. Taxing fossil-fuel energy is the right thing to do. Stepping up and voting for a package of gasoline and kilowatt hour taxes for the purposes of funding grants to build our new energy infrastructure is the smart play. When energy is more expensive, we change our habits and buy products that allow us to have the same lifestyle with less energy. This makes energy-saving products more popular and, by extension, cheaper to produce and buy.

We need to make this stand now, because we have the political infrastructure in place to make it stick. If you voted for President Obama and your local Democratic Senator and Representative because you though you could sit back and watch the game, then you weren’t listening. This is an all-inclusive movement friends…so get off your asses!

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