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The American Tea Party is mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it anymore! I get that; rage I understand. What I am left to figure out is what in the hell they are mad about? Were these folks angry in 2005, 2006, 2007, or 2008? Have they just reached their boiling points now? Or is the President doing something to our nation that forms a legitimate gripe? The secret to the answer to that question, in my humble opinion, lies in the timing of the Tea Party outrage.

By April of 2009, Fox News was hard at work promoting tax day protests by the Tea Parties. The groups, Fox claimed, had been growing since early February and were motivated by what they called, “taxation with inadequate representation”. They were protesting against several things, we are told, most of which are questionable at best:

  • The $700 Billion Wall Street Bailout. The Tea party feels that it is part of Mr. Obama’s socialist assault on America, even though it was written, lobbied for, signed, and executed by George W. Bush (his cabinet, his policy).
  • The crushing tax burden that was killing the middle class, apparently also the fault of Mr. Obama. This despite the fact that the federal tax burden on Americans was at a 30 year low, and despite Obama’s inclusion of middle class tax cuts in the Stimulus Law.
  • Federal omnibus spending bills that were apparently Obama’s fault, even though they were execution bills in support of the final Bush budget.

We Americans are sometimes ambivalent about our calendars; we are capable of losing focus from time to time. But the furor over Mr. Obama’s changing of America in 2009, while George W. Bush’s final budget was in action, was a bridge too far. Mr. Obama’s first budget took effect in October of 2009, which (coincidentally) represented the nation’s unemployment peak. President Obama is guilty as charged, if that charge is that he spent taxpayer and investor dollars putting folks back to work during the summer of 2009.

While the Tea Party consistently comes up empty in its fiscal attacks on President Obama, I do concede credit to the many House Republicans and conservative House Democrats who stood and voted against TARP in 2008. I don’t agree, in principal, with their objections, but they earned the right to complain based on the consistency and integrity of their arguments. The actual payback of TARP is a matter for debate. The facts remain though, that it was George W. Bush who doubled the nation’s debt while adding fewer jobs overall (and far fewer per year) than any president in recent memory. What Bush did, that the Tea Party (or at least its not grassroots at all leadership) likes, is pass a massive tax cut that favored the wealthiest Americans.

That tax cut was due to expire in 2010, and the driving force behind the Tea Party wanted it renewed. This put that group in the normally difficult position of fighting against federal deficits while advocating for federal revenue cuts. I say normally difficult, because many Republicans and the Tea Party have had no difficulty entertaining the contradictory notions at the same time. The Bush tax cuts lowered revenue by $1.7 trillion immediately, and the back-loaded estimates over ten years would add a further $1.8 trillion to that tab. Since the law then (and Republicans now) proposed no specific spending cuts to match the revenue loss, that represents $3.5 trillion in additional debt. Given our economic situation today, I will leave it to the reader to determine if the cuts helped our economy in any substantive manner.

But money isn’t the only thing that Mr. Obama is screwing up. Apparently, he is destroying American culture as well. From abortion, to guns, to homosexuality, many conservatives feel that the President is actually a Muslim plant bent on destroying America from within. Scripts like the ones the Tea Party is selling, aren’t bought in Hollywood because they are too far-fetched. Barack Obama has instructed his Justice Department to defend many Bush-era practises in court. He declined to use an executive order, as President Eisenhower did with African-Americans, to integrate (openly) homosexuals into the military. He declined to use executive orders with regard to firearms in national parks, or with regard to automatic weapons and the Mexican border. His two appointments to the Supreme Court were both middle of the road attorneys from a political point of view. (The ABA rated Sotomayor a neutral and Kagan is widely considered, by liberals, to be far too conservative.)

Mr. Obama’s middle of the road actions on energy blew up in his face. He approved the funds for the first new nuclear reactors in the U.S. in thirty years, and opened up more areas to oil exploration. Then, when a private company screwed the pooch in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama was blamed for literally everything under the Sun. He couldn’t fix the leak because he wasn’t mad or engaged enough (as if either has anything to do with the technical abilities of the folks trying to fix it). He didn’t allow foreign ships to help with the cleanup….even though he did, in fact, allow foreign ships to help with the cleanup. Booms from Mexico, Norway, and Brazil were operating in the Gulf prior to May 11 (three weeks after the explosion).

The latest item that is Obama’s fault is the Fox News weekly special. The New Black Panthers, a fringe group with few members and even less credibility, had two people behaving badly at a Philadelphia polling station in 2008. The cases were downgraded by the Justice Department in January 9, 2009. The Heritage Foundation, Fox News, and other media shills have pounced on the event as an example of Obama Administration racism. They all know, as most of you do, that President Obama and his Administration, did not take office until January 20, 2009. The Bush Administration downgraded the event, because it was a one-off executed by attention seeking lowlife.

I will admit though, that President Obama makes a good scapegoat. He doesn’t spend a lot of time bashing his opponents, and his middle of the road decisions are easily attacked by political lightweights on both sides of the fence. It does make me wonder why anyone would want that job. The man has endured 18 months of unending attacks, a majority of which are based on obvious lies. His Administration has mirrored his candidacy so far. I only hope it stays on that very same trajectory.

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  • Shiva says:

    in many ways Pres. Obama is free similar to President Bush. President Bush never spent much time bashing his enemies of which he had many. He just go made them stand in a free-speech cubicle a half a mile away.

    I do hesitate to call Bush President Bush however. He is not blamed for anything that occurred in the eight years he was president, and we are never supposed to mention his name in regards to the financial mess we are in. So I’m not sure what we are supposed to call him. 9/11 was Clinton’s fault the current depression we are in is Obama’s fault, and not of the conservatives even talk about the two wars we are in except to say they must continue.

    you must excuse me now, I have to fly out into the Gulf with Bobby Jindal to check the berms he built which washed away when the first wave hit them. brilliant solution

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