Is it Time for a New Progressive Movement?

As the lines between the Republicans and Democrats become increasingly blurred, the ever growing number of individuals claiming themselves to be Progressive is growing slowly, yet surely, as more and more are accepting the inconvenient reality that our elected leaders are nothing more than human fronts for the perverse Corporate Influence on every aspect and at every level of Government and legislation created to benefit these moneyed interests. As President Obama has stacked his Cabinet and Agencies with the same Corporate front-men and women as W. Bush before him (and Clinton and HW Bush and Reagan before him) it is clear that a new Progressive movement is necessary. As President Obama exacerbates War throughout the world — war with very little critique from the left and imaginary liberal media — in the same manner with the same Generals and the same empty platitudes toward peace; the modern U.S. Progressive must take action and begin the arduous process of taking back our country from the never-ending Corporatism that dictates our future as a State and our future in the Global Political Economy.

While the W Bush Administration disregarded Human Rights and perpetuated Corporate War-Mongering fueled by lies and misinformation, we stood up and screamed from the Mountaintops and we fought against the lies and hypocrisy. When a Democrat gets elected, we disregard the actual actions because we buy — hook, line and sinker — the same hollow rhetoric that has always been perpetrated by a Party that has shifted further and further and further to the Right while we enable this behavior by our in-actions. When those of us on the left allow ourselves to see the world as a black and white and static Us versus Them reality, blindly dehumanizing those who purport to be Conservative, while steadfastly repeating the mantras we have been programmed to believe — Obama has to clean up the mess that W created — while ignoring the large Democrat majority in the Legislative branch of our Government that refuses to stand up to the Corporate and Business interests that are bankrupting our political economy and our Democracy, we allow divisiveness and ignorance to prosper and reign victorious over a system designed to protect out interests and rights if we allow it to do so.

I, like many millions of citizens, was proud of my nation the Day Barrack Obama was elected President. I never would have have imagined that I would see a person of color be elected to our highest public office. However, that elation quickly and steadily eroded as it became clear that this pioneer — by our own labeling — was simply a politician; nothing more, nothing less. As Obama exacerbates war and has has proven time and time again that the interests of Wall Street, Banking, Military Industry, Oil and the Health Insurance Companies are far more important than the interests of the 300 Million citizens he represents, it becomes clear that we must be vigilant and proactive in our opposition to any politician, Democrat or Republican, that puts the interests of money, greed and exploitation over the interests of us — the people of this great nation.

The Right has bought and controlled the patent on Patriotism, it is now our time to take it back, for patriotism is the ability to achieve liberty for all people and demand that those who stand in the way of our liberty, be they Barrack H. Obama or George W. Bush, are held accountable when our democracy is held hostage by the many Corporations who profit from our complacency and our historical shortsightedness when we elect men who are beholden to the interests of a Global complex dedicated to exploiting all human and environmental resources for profit, power and control. We must recognize that the Republicrats no longer deserve our blind support and our votes.

It is quite obvious that we need a legitimate third party (second party if one wants to look rationally at the matter) that will fight for the people over the interests of Business. However, this is near impossible as the Democrats and Republicans have assured — through legislation and Judicial collusion — that they will maintain a monopoly on their control (which just happens to be maintaining Corporate control as they are the ones who dictate the actions of our political and economic paths).

Perhaps when we stop fighting each other based on silly and ill-defined ideological differences perpetuated and ingrained through the corporate-controlled media and unite on the many issues we have in common, we can establish a system that works for us and through us. Perhaps I am naive, but I still have faith that the people united can always stand up to tyranny — in whatever form it manifests itself — and take back our nation and determine a path of liberty and economic, human and environmental sustainability that is ours and ours alone; not the corporations path. I shudder to think what the other options are.

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