Where Will The Ax Fall The Hardest?

Balls finds it rather amusing that even the most hardcore tax-and-spend lunatics now recognize that we must finally come to our fiscal senses! Even their socialist heros in Europe are taking the ax to spending in the interest of self-preservation. However, the lackeys in Congress also understand all too well that cutting spending will inevitably alienate some group of their constituents. Which groups of constituents are most likely to experience the sharp edge of the ax?

Don’t expect any cuts in defense spending. Pity the poor fool who stands up on the floor of the Congress and advocates for cutting funding for our troops! He or she will instantly be branded as soft on terrorism, naive, and unsupportive of our young men and women risking their lives overseas for our country. There’s also the small consideration that the defense industry (Balls International Industries included) gives huge amounts of money each year to sway our listless leaders. Finally, cutting defense spending will most certainly result in the loss of jobs, which are proving to be even more scarce than MBAs in Mississippi.

Despite all the recent weeping and gnashing of teeth about the oil industry, don’t expect cuts in incentives for exploration and production either. The industry (including Balls International) also gives huge sums of money to politicians, and money is the life-blood of elections. The sound bites of late have referred to the temporary moratorium on offshore drilling as “draconian”, and the resulting loss of jobs would also be a political albatross. And don’t we want to become self-sufficient for our energy needs? Surely we can’t expect to run our entire transportation infrastructure on a smattering of lefty windmills and girly solar panels! This isn’t Holland, my friends.

In addition to an effective lobbying arm, AARP members also show up in large numbers to vote.  Therefore, don’t expect cuts to Social Security any time in the near future. Fear grips the hearts of incumbents when envisioning long lines of ornery senior citizens waiting to cast their vote of revenge against the pack of bastards that cut their monthly pittance! For this reason we continue to throw good money down the socialist black hole of this bankrupt program. At least Balls has the comfort of knowing that, if and when I step down as CEO of Balls International Industries some day, my Social Security check will help to cover my marina fees.

So where will the ax fall the hardest? Entitlement programs other than Social Security should, and will get the biggest haircut! The rolls of the unemployed, the legions of mentally ill, and the hordes of homeless have neither the money nor the power of a cohesive voting block necessary to have a voice in the inner chambers of congress. It’s survival of the fittest at it’s most simple and pure!  These facts may be offensive and unseemly to many of the great unwashed, but they are the facts nonetheless.

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